About Us

Since our founding in 1975, we have collaborated with our clients to deliver exceptional solutions that enrich lives and help organizations thrive.


The REES mission is to deliver exceptional design solutions in an environment that is client focused, innovative, creative and collaborative.


Our vision is to be the preferred partner for clients in the markets we serve and the career destination for our industry’s top talent.


To fulfill our mission, we recruit and engage the most talented people available who love what they do and share our passion for creativity, quality and client service. Our values are critical to the success of our clients. This is who we are.

We value our clients and employees
We are accountable to our clients and to each other
We recognize that our work is our reputation
We are responsive to our clients and to each other
We believe that quality and innovation are everyone’s job
We are respectful to our clients and to each other
We continuously improve and never stop learning
We seek first to add value to our clients; revenues and profits are a result
We give back to our communities
We are ethical in everything we do
We are good stewards of our clients’ resources, our corporate resources and our environment

REES is focused on building and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients and supporting their business needs no matter how large or small, wherever those needs might take us.

Our diversified practice spans 40 years with completed projects in 42 states and 38 countries.